Free webinar shares key insights into plastics recycling communications and engagement

Posted on Posted on 13 Jun 2022

The findings and conclusions from the Kent Understanding Plastics ‘Live Lab’ project, which centred around delivering plastics recycling communications across all 13 Kent Councils via different communication methods, will be launched in a FREE webinar on 27th July 2022.

The event, organised by Recoup, will also provide insight into the ‘Best Practice Guide for Plastics Recycling Communications’ that has been developed as part of the project.

The Kent Understanding Plastics ‘Live Lab’ project received funding from UKRI’s Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Challenge and was supported by project partners encompassing the whole plastics recycling value chain; British Plastics Federation, Ecosurety, Kent Resource Partnership, Plastics Europe, RECOUP and Veolia. Work on the project commenced in July 2021 and the phased delivery included direct and indirect communication methods as well as community engagement. Citizen insights were gathered and analysed throughout the project delivery via online questionnaires, face-to-face interviews, focus and advisory groups.  

The project engaged with 678,000 households with direct and indirect communications.   Community engagement included schools’ competitions, litter and environmental groups in Kent as well as roadshows across the County with shoppers.   An online survey of over 3000 Kent residents was also compared with insights from the rest of the UK.

The intelligence and data, both quantitative and qualitative alongside RECOUP’s knowledge of UK plastics recycling systems, has been used to develop a set of guidelines for effective plastics recycling communications.  The Best Practice Guide contains information on easy wins within plastics recycling communications and emphasises the importance of consistency in messaging and data recording in an open and transparent way.  

“The work points out the complex nature of plastics recycling communications and the challenges in ensuring consistency in detail,” explains Anne Hitch, Head of Citizen & Stakeholder Strategy at RECOUP. “The resulting guidelines gives suggested content and connects with the key questions and concerns of citizens across the region not just on plastics packaging and what to recycle but how best to prepare plastics packaging.” 

A full report will also be available on the day for the benefit of the whole plastics recycling value chain and available for download from the RECOUP website.  

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