How can the UK Plastics Supply Chain transition to a Circular Plastics Economy?

Posted on Posted on 4 Jun 2019

Eunomia Research & Consulting to host webinar series into the development of a roadmap for UK plastics supply chain.

UK Research & Innovation has commissioned Eunomia Research & Consulting to develop a roadmap looking at future opportunities and needs for the UK plastics supply chain, supporting the transition to a circular plastics economy. This exercise is funded under the £20 million Plastics Research and Innovation Fund (PRIF) that was announced on 18th June 2018 to explore new ideas and innovations that can bring changes in the UK’s plastics manufacturing and consumption patterns.

The roadmap will inform future public and private R&D investment in the UK plastics sector by providing:

  • an understanding of areas of existing strength and weakness in the circularity of the supply chain;
  • an understanding of potential areas and trends for future development to strengthen the circularity of the supply chain; and
  • recommendations on which areas and trends should be the focus for future R&D support.

Eunomia are hosting a series of webinars with the aim of gathering the views of stakeholders in consideration of the aims above. This will provide interested parties with the opportunity to contribute towards an important piece of research that will guide investment in R&D spending in the years to come.

The webinar series will cover the following plastic categories:

Agendas and supporting documentation will be provided ahead of each event. If you have any questions please get in touch at  

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